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Chrome or Stainless Steel?

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Working on my recently acquired 1937 Buick Model 41, I wondered what

is chrome and what is stainless steel originally? Hub caps, wheel rings, trim, grill, ect?

Is there an article or other source that describes it somewhere? Thanks

Gary Cline

Las cruces, NM

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The Shiny stuff I could think of. There is a mixture of chrome and stainless all over the 1937 Buick car body and in the systems.

Bumper - Chrome

Grille - Chrome

Hood Ornament - Chrome

Grille emblems - Chrome and enameld/ cloisonné

Steering wheel emblem - Chrome and enameld/ cloisonné

Horn Ring - Chrome

Clock body - Chrome

Intrument trim - Chrome

Speaker grille - Chrome

park light trim - Chrome

Sun Visor Bracket - Chrome

Wiper transmission - Chrome

Door handles - Chrome

Trunk handle - Chrome

Window Track - Chrome

Wind Wing Trim - Stainless Steel

Headlight trim - Stainless Steel

Headlight trim ring - Stainless Steel

Center hood Trim - Stainless steel cover over steel

Center Grille Trim - Stainless steel

Hood side trim - stainless steel

Hood side vent - stainless steel

Door side trim - Stainless steel

Running board trim - Stainless steel cover over steel

Side mount trim -Stainless Steel

Hubcaps - Stainless steel cover over steel

Trim rings - Stainless steel

Gas cap - stainless steel

Trunk light trim - Stainless Steel

Hood handles - Stainless Steel

dash knob trim - Stainless Steel

Banjo Steering Wheel - Stainless Steel

Seat parts - ?

Engine parts -?

dome Light - ?

Dome Light Switch - ?

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