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Your can I find a muffler


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If you can't find one that will fit then you mayhave to get a custom one made. A place you might try is Kepich Exhaust at 1121 Homestead Blvd #272, Lehigh Acres FL 33936. Tel 239-267-2550. They custom made one about mthat size for $200. They actually made one the wrong size at first but had no problem correcting their mistake. Many times the best judgement of a vender is how they handle mistakes.

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We can make it to your specifications.

Aluminized steel: $80

T409 Stainless: $160

Plus shipping (approx. $15 in continental US)

Call Toll-free (US): (800) 503-9428

Canada/International: (269) 467-7185

Joe T.

Need help finding a 5" diameter 30" long round muffler with centered inlet and outlet for 25 Stutz.

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