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55 Merc Monterey

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I,m having a problem with my battery. I bought my merc from an estate sale and can't get the info I need from the last owner.

I had the battery out to charge it up, so I'm not really sure how I was to put it back in. I have been told by some the when the car was change to the 12 volt system that the + is to be connected to the generator and then someone told me I should put the + on the starter and the - on the generator.

This is driving me crazy

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The stock '55 Mercury 6 volt system is positive ground. When converted to 12 volts it was converted to a negative ground system. When reinstalling the battery, the positive terminal should be connected to the battery cable that is connected to the starter solonoid on the firewall. The other wire will be the ground and will be connected to the negative terminal.

I hope this helps.



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Thanks. I tried the old trick by turning the key on and turn on the lights but my generator indicator does'nt move so I'm not sure if it works.


You have an AMP gauge? I thought they had GEN lights like the Ford cars.

BAT POS (+) goes to your starter solenoid. Another wire on that same solenid post goes to your REGULATOR (B). Your generator has three wires that all go to your regulator (Field, Armature, Ground-on the side). Don't forget to polarize your regulator when you get it all connected.

Hope this helps. - Dave

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