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'39 LZ Convertible Coupe Dimensions


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I won't be buying any car in six figures! I just passed on a couple of other opportunities since they did not meet my expectations and this car looks very nice if it can be purchased for a fair price. How do I contact Jerry E. to get the info on overall dimensions of the car? Thanks for your help.

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As a matter of fact, I DO have a 1939 Zephyr Convertible Coupe which I have for sale for LESS than 6 figures!

Check out the LZOC classified ads for pre-war cars at www.lzoc.org. I also have two Webshots Photo albums of the car at:

http://community.webshots.com/album/73152974bRlXIf and:

Columbia Overdrive Installation - 1939 Lincoln Zephyr pictures from cars photos on webshots

I'll attach a diagram the dimensions of the car to this post.</O:p


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