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S-11A Wheel bearings & seals


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What are the part numbers for S-11A (1925) front wheel bearings, seals and related parts. I've searched the HHFC web site --- nothing specific there.

The old bearings are Gilliam 1305 & 1307. I'm sure I can find modern numbers for these, but also need the seals, felts, hub bolt lock tab washers, etc.

Hopefully someone has already been thru this and can help...

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Suggest that you find a major bearing supply house (here in our area we have Applied Industrial Techknologies, formerly Bearings Inc.). Take your old bearings in to have them matched to modern brand/numbers. Often they are still available off the shelf. The felts you may have to make up yourself. You may also find that a modern "spring-back" seal is available that can be fitted with very little effort. We often do this in our shop, and find that it's a much better way to go. Also, you may want to check into a sealed bearing for the inner unit. Those lock tab washers were still being made, I think by "dorman", the last time I looked. Hope any of this helps.

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