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Anti lock warning light on


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Ok, I did the right thing and took off my aldl cover and read the code by jumping the A H pins. I got a flash "27" which says go to Chart A- 8. [On page 5E1-41].

I skipped the measure resistance between pins 11 and 33 as I think that was in the EBCM.

I did clear the codes by driving over 18 miles an hour and reread codes and got another code "27"

I did however disconnect the 7 pin connection at the valve block and read the reistance which was 7.37 which tells me to replace the valve block.

Does anyone agree/disagree with my diagnosis?

I think I need a new valve block and do not need new sensor leads.

I tried calling Jim Finn, he is out of town.

I am interested in replacing the valve block. It looks to be fairly simple to remove, but is there anything I have to watch out for?

Do I have to bleed the brakes?

Any advice would be great.

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According to the book, 27 is the rear outlet valve. Does the yellow light go out after starting but come back on when moving. If so I have found codes on my 88 that did not match the book and the most common problem is frayed wiring to the sensors.

Not sure why they would say to remove the wheel bearing when replacing the sensor, would think the reverse is true - remove sensor when replacing wheel bearing.

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Well I just got back from the u-pick yard. I found a Teves on an '89 Riv that already had some Teves parts taken off, and grabed the ABS block. In about 1 week I will be replacing the unit.

The code is definatly "27" so I am going with that. I have some studying to do regarding this undertaking, but one question remains;

As this is an electrical unit is there any priming that needs to be done before install?

As always, if anyone wants to weigh in on suggestions, please feel free to comment.

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Well I feel like a fool. I checked my work and relized that I was to check the valve block pins not the pigtail pins at the valve block. [That's what I get for doing stuff at 11:00 pm at night]. I was wrong. Block is within tolerance. Now the search is on for the short. The diagnosis in the manual does not list the wheel sensors being an issue for code 27.

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