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First time at Hershey


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So I plan to go to Hershey this year, for the first time: At this point, it looks like I'll be up around Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon, but I'm flexible about that.

I'd be really interested to meet other folks from this board, if you're there. Does anyone else know if they'll be there (other than Steve -- Steve, I saw you'll be there. Will we overlap?)

Also, any tips for what to do or not do? Are there better or worse times to be there in terms of cars to see or parts to buy? In terms of stuff I need, there are some interior parts I need for a 1935 senior car (glove box door pull, windshield wiper knobs) and some exterior chrome parts I'm looking for for a '41 110. I'd be particularly interested in your advice on how to find that.


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Guest Packards1

Looking for pre war parts at the end of the show is probably not the best plan. I echo Mr. Pushbutton and try and get there much earlier. There are a lot of Packard vendors in the Green field as well as both Packard related auto clubs, the Packard museums, and Packard cars. Stop by GBE 24 and say hello. You can find the Packard area by looking for the Bill Hirsh balloon overhead, we are all nearby.

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This is incredibly helpful, all: Thanks!

I think I can come up Wednesday just for the day instead of Friday/Saturday. I'll plan to be there then: See you at the Packard area.

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