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1932 Pontiac Wheels & Rear End

Guest Tom Beggan

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Guest Tom Beggan

I've been thinking about ways to reduce my RPMs at cruising speeds and I've got a few questions:

Is it possible to change my 18" wheels to 19"? I'm planning to take them off this winter for sand blasting, painting and to have them "trued" at a local place nearby. If it's possible, I think I'd rather put 19" wheels back on there though. Is there such a thing as 19" wire wheel that will fit my car?

Is there anything available in terms of the rear end? Either a two-speed unit or something with a less agressive ratio that would fit?

thanks! Tom

1932 coupe, 6-cylinder

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Hi Tom,

On your first question about the wheels I don't have any first hand experience but Pontiac did use a 19 inch wheel in '31. I am not sure if you are planning to do this to lower RPM at a given speed. Seems like this is what you were suggesting. I think the only problem is that I believe both the 18" and 19" wheels have a tire OD of 29". They just have different thickness of tires. But possibly somebody has a good idea on this.

It is funny that you ask about some type of overdrive unit. I have wondered that too but have not heard of one for the Pontiac. I know these units were somewhat common in the 30's for other cars so I am surprised if they did not exist for the Pontiac. I was talking to a friend in the vintage Chevrolet club and he was telling me about ones that fit on older Chevys. One problem with the '32 Pontiac is that you have both the transmission and then the Free Wheeling unit behind it. Then you would hang a third unit on this mass. I think I will post in the general area of the forum to see if anybody knows about a unit for the '32.

Hope all is well with you.


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