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Australian Dodges (history)

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Hello Ray, The Aussie body on your DB would have been made either by T.J.Richards or Holden Body works in South Australia. Standard Motors were Selling agents for DB cars and GB trucks. The Queensland agents were Austral Motors and in West Aust it was Winterbottoms. The plates that were fitted to the dash panel and sometimes to the toe board were fitted by the selling agents I have seen DB s with the DB plate and also a TJR plate on the toe board Mostly the agents plates were attached to the dash panel Cheers Ron

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That is new information to me, thankyou Ron. Post #67 of this thread which I wrote just over a year ago includes a thumbnail of the nameplate of Standardised motors with the classification number. Would this number not be the body number then?

(Sorry, I have never known how to transfer the post from one part of the thread to another)


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to be honest i'm just the messenger, I spotted it while hunting for parts for an off topic car a couple of years ago and always wondered what it was.

the guy who identified it and is taking it home has a Richards DC8 he is restoring and wants it for spares for his project. even if he got the id wrong I don't think he will mind too much as he has several drivers and "a few" other dodge bros projects.

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