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37 Studebaker electrical

Guest slim

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I am currently having electrical issues w/my 37 President, voltage regulator seems shorted to ground,looking for a new delco remy regulator model# 5818 or does anyone out there know what others are compatible? I have had numerous people tell me to get rid of the old system and go 12 volt,:eek: this vehicle was my Dads since 1959 has 51,000 miles on it and still has the factory seat-covers,I refuse to alter this vehicle, also looking to replace original harness with reproduction o.e.m style,I am currently checking w/Rhode Island Wire Co.any recommendations would be appreciated, money not the issue, quality and factory appearance is a must. Thank you in advance. Slim

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Guest DeSoto Frank

You don't need to convert to 12 volts.


You do need to methodically go through the charging system, troubleshooting the wiring, generator, and regulator, identifying any problems and correcting them.

Ideally, a Studebaker Shop manual for your car would be helpful, but also a MoToR's or Chilton's manual covering that era will provide some technical data.

I will dig in my books and see if I have any info that might help.

DeSoto Frank

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Thanks Frank any help appreciated, I am currently searching for electrical schematics, I borrowed a 1936 to 1942 motors manual,it has Studebaker truck, but truck did not come with straight 8, and therefore does not cover my regulator, I know my car has dead short, I took the leads loose from starter,starter ohms good, small wire that is connected w/battery lead has full continuity to ground,when I disconnect lead going to volt/reg cut-out relay, no longer shorted, but I agree a schematic is mandatory, I surely do not want to replace harness until any and all problems have been corrected 1st. thanks,Slim

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I've heard good things about Rhode Island. I personally have had good experiences also with duplicate of original wiring harnesses from NnZ's and Harnesses Unlimited.

YnZs Yesterdays Parts

333 Stuart Ave. Unit A

Redlands, CA 92374

Telephone: +1.909.798.1498

Fax: +1.909.335.6237

email: sales@ynzyesterdaysparts.com

YnZ's Yesterdays Parts

Harnesses Unlimited

PO Box 435

Wayne, PA 19087

Telephone: +1.610.688.3998


I concur with DeSoto Frank, you don't need to convert to 12v to get things working. Just fix it back to original.

Now, if you absolutely need high power drawing modern accessories, then you might want to consider converting. For low power needs (cell phone, GPS, modest stereo, etc.) there are voltage inverters that will take your 6v (positive or negative ground) and convert it to 12v negative.

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