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Fall Hershey Show Field Question


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I just printed out the 2009 Show Car Field layout from the Hershey Region Web Site.


It appears that there might be a Typo Error on this layout.

Class 27-N appears in two different rows on two different parts of the field.

The first 27-N is in the row between 27-M and 27-O (Avenue 8 Blue). The second 27-N is four rows over in the same row as 33 (Avenue 6 Blue).

I suspect the second 27-N row might be a different class number than printed and is a typo error.

Can someone look into this question A.S.A.P. Having the same class in two different positions on the field will be an absolute nightmare for car owners, judges and Hershey Region Members parking the cars.


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Just a follow-up to my original post.

I heard back from the nice folks at Hershey Region. Turns out there was a typo error on the Show Field Map.

The error has been corrected and the new map has been uploaded to the web site.

Thanks to the folks at Hershey Region for answering my question.

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Steve what I mean is for example will the Cadillac LaSalle Club have a section designated just for Cadillacs? And would the Fords all be parked together even at the Car Coral? I somehow hope I clearified my question alittle more?:)

Here is the link to the Judging Guidelines book that Steve suggested you look at. Scroll down to the bottom of page 28 and you will find the first of the classes that AACA offers. Take a look and see how the vehicles are split out into classes. That way if you do come to Hershey you will know the classes you want to see first. The field is laid out by class not by brands or clubs.


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Hi Charley, stop and say hi at c3b6-10 I have your free t/shirt.

As of now, I believe we will be doing our annual pilgrimage around the fields on Friday starting at dawn.

I will also be on the show field in Class 27-N on Saturday.

Will you and your wife be on the show field on Saturday?

If so, what classes will you both be in?

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