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12 Volt power source for a 6Volt sys.?

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Is there a device available to convert 6V. Neg. to 12V. Positive in order to run a modern radio and/or halogen headlights in a 55 Chrysler?<I don’t want to change the polarity of the car, as I want to be able to use the original radio also.<o:p></o:p>

It would be simpler if anyone knew where to buy 6V. halogen lights though.

(I would have to insulate the new radio, antenna and lights from the ground of course)

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There are two other power converters available. This system won't let me attach files to e-mails, so e-mail me directly for an article written about this. Also, Bill Hirsch Auto, Newark, NJ starting handling 6V halogen bulbs.

Concern I would have is the 12V halogen bulbs draw quite a bit of current at 12V and may exceed the capability of a 6-12 volt converter.



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Thanks for the replys.

I owned a 55 Chrysler in 58 to 65 and used to have two 6 volt batterys to keep it starting.

I would like to keep the same system in my "new" 55 that I am now restoring but I keep getting advice that an alternator would be the best thing to do for my short driving times that I do..

I plan on increasing the 331ci to 354 if the bore is bad, and may raise the compression ratio up one point and I wonder if 6 volts will crank it?

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