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1935 Wiring question

Myron Williams

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Hi Guys,

I'm still working on my 1935 Super 8 basket case... I have got the wiring loom installed, which was a bit of a struggle because the colors of several of the wires did not match the colors in my wiring diagram. I can't figure out on thing, though. My generator has a voltage regulator / cut-out with two tabs sticking out of it. One tab is labeled "bat" and the other is labeled "gen". Which tab does the large wire from the ammeter belong on?

Thanks for any assistance,


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Have you had a look at the wiring diagrams available on PackardInfo.com in their Packard Literature and Manuals section under Wiring Diagrams?

Here are some links:

1936, includes Super 8 - could be similar http://www.packardinfo.com/xoops/html/downloads/wirediagrams/1936%2014th%20Series%20120_%20Super8_%20Twelve.pdf

and Assorted 1932-1935 (9th - 12th Series) Wire Diagrams

Trust this helps.

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