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1900-03 Curved Dash Olds,etc. clone engine!

George Albright

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Text: Dear Friends: In 1994 I acquired this

1900-03 CDO clone motor from CDO expert George Leonard of

PA. Basically,all 1900,1901,1902,1903 CDO engines are the same,and most if not all parts will interchange. 1904,1905,1906,1907 one cylinder Olds engines are different from the earlier ones.This motor

was removed in 1994 by George Leonard from a running 1903 CDO. He took the crank and flywheel from this engine and put them in a curved dash Olds engine he had,then put that complete CDO engine in the car he removed this engine from.The crank and flywheel from this motor bolted right in his CDO engine. Several years later I purchased a restored curved dash olds crank and reproduction CDO flywheel to put back with this engine,to make it basically complete. I believe it is now complete,minus the side shaft rod,timer,and carb. I believe someone in the CDO club reproduces the sideshaft rod and timer,and any early carb will work on this engine. National CDO

expert Gary Hoonesbeen has reviewed the photos years ago,and told me the

the head and jug are CDO clone,as

several companies made CDO clones,due to their popularity,and were

sold by Dykes,Neustadt-Perry,etc parts companies. However,according to George Leonard, it will bolt right in to a

1900-03 CDO. As you can see all of it is excellent. There is a 100 year old or so repair on the head,which looks as if it has never leaked. Otherwise the rest of it looks super.I paid George $3,500 for it in 1994,as CDO loose engines were super scarce then,as they are now also scarce. The reserve is $3,600 or a buy it now for $3,900. Please call or email me if you wish to purchase it,rather than clicking the buy it now button. Also please pay by check or wire. Shipping is $150 due to weight,or I will deliver to Hershey for free.Motor must be fully paid for within 7 days of purchase.This clone engine is historically correct as a replacement engine for any 1900 to 1906 horseless carriage,car,automobile,auto,buggy,including Brennan,Reo,Packard,Ford,Cadillac,Rambler,Northern ,etc. I reserve the right to end the auction early,as the engine is also for sale on www.aaca.org and www.hcca.org for $3,900. Please see my other auctions of early car parts and engines.Please email or call with questions to my personal email,as I'll see it faster. Good Luck! George Albright

Ocala,Florida cell 352 843 1624 Email: gnalbright@gmail.com<!-- google_ad_section_end -->











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I'm outta here! Will have this Crest engine and the curved dash olds clone engine at Carlisle Sunday,and Hershey Mon.-Wed. only,then back to Fla. Crest motor is on Ebay right now. Buy it now $3,900. Price for CDO clone engine is also $3,900. George Albright cell 352 843 1624. Email gnalbright@gmail.com Will have my Iphone and laptop with me.

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