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80-84 Riv vert in pick n pull yard


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Just in a '80-84 Riv. Maroon body, maroon interior, tan instrument bezels. Has all 4 wire spoke wheel covers. Vert motors look to be there. Also has light sentinel headlight switch, basically a nice appointed car when new.

There are both trunk and ignition keys, so I will be able to test some stuff prior to pulling.

If you want/need anything please let me know, but be advised I am not knowledgeable regarding these Rivs, so if pulling things are very involved or your directions to remove them are not good, I will not be able to help you.

Please e-mail me with your needs. I try to be fair in my pricing and will only send good stuff.

I was told it was a clunker car and that the car could only be there for a preset number of days.

I only got a quick look at it as it is in the holding/pending area and I don't want to lose my preferred junker status.lol

I will be able to start on it on Mon. as that is when it comes out...

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Went out to the yard today. I am looking thru the cash 4 clunkers cars and what do I see but a Chysler with nearly new B.F. Goodrich Touring T/A tires in my size. Bought a set of 4 for $60.00. Priced out Sam's Club. In this case buy one get three free.

In my euphoria I went to the Riv [it's an '82] and pulled the amplifier, photo cell and the twilight control light switch. They are still out there waiting for you to tell me you want them. I did not test them. They are in another Riv. with other parts I am buying, waiting for your decision.

To remove the amplifier you must first remove the two screws located in the vinyl trim below the glove box. Then wedge the trim away so you can remove the 3 glove box door screws. Remove the door. Then remove the 4 screws holding the glove box liner. Take out the liner. The bezel that surrounds the glove box area is held in place by friction or snap in clips. Remove the bezel. That gets you to the 2 screws that hold the amplifier in place. Remove them and the amplifier is in your hand. Slide a flat blade screwdriver down the side of the wiring harness that has the tab and the harness should unclip.

Entire process should take less then 20 minutes. Took longer to write this then it did to pull the parts.

Tools needed; nut driver, phillips head and flat blade screwdriver.

To remove the photo cell socket just pry up under the trim and the unit pops out. The light bulb will be included, but should it not work it, is very similar to the ones we use on the Reatta. Some of the guys have been buying them at Home Depot. They are also used in outside lighting and much cheaper in cost then the automotive parts house.

My e-mail address is lemke1044@aol.com

I will be going to go back out there tomorrow to pick up my tires. Let me know if you are interested. BTW the price is $35.00 delivered. Breaks down to; $15.00 for the parts $15.00 for my time and $5.00 for freight.

If you don't want them, no problem,I will put them back in the trunk for Johnny Jolly to drive over to get.

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There are becoming fewer & fewer of this generation wrecks showing up any more & no nos parts anymore.The T-type grill (waterfall style)79-83,all emblems(excellent chrome)- (turbocharged6 emblems),wheel centre caps ®,rear light lenses(if chrome is mint).These parts are not found anywhere . Also sentinal amplifier & s/w,sun shades(if still tight& ecpecially if they have the lighted mirror), memory seat s/w & module & switches plate if mint , Electric operated type door mirrors (if glass has no scratches & motor is smooth),electric door mirror toggle s/w (if good),& original emission label(on top of fan shroud if excellent cond.) If you want to go real crazy-the whole moon roof and head liner-(be careful not to damage this) .No headliner company has these headliners to refurbish one yet & maybe never will.

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I am not sure what you are telling me...

Are your comments for my knowledge or is this something you are interested in?

I do not own or am I interested in owning that vintage Riv. Therefore I am not interested in stocking parts for same.

I own to Reattas and that is enough for me. I also stock needed backup parts for Reattas which is enough inventory for me...

However if you want something let me know and I will try to pull it for you.

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Regarding the '82 vert Riv. that I alerted you about on this forum. I was referred to an associate of Ed who wanted the entire interior has purchased same. there is not much left of value on the car. However there are other Rivs out there of the same vintage...

Also '87 - '93's

Any interest in parts let me know...

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