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Peerless Eisemann Mag

Dan Marx

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Green Dragon,

thanks for the reply. The printing on the cover says,

" These coils have been adjusted to give satisfactory spark with a minimum consumption of current, and as they will run a long time without need of readjustment, we would advise caution with this respect.

In the event of ignition trouble, see that the batteries are up to voltage; that the spark plugs and the commutator are clean; that all connections are tight, etc, and let the readjustments of the coil be the last thing resorted to, as the tightening of the adustment screws will stiffen the vibrator springs and consume a much greator amount of current, and this necessitates the recharging of batteries sooner that would otherwise be necessary.

In recharging the batteries they should always be removed from the small metal cases, as the acid given off in recharging when they are "gasing" will soon rot the metal cases, wheras if removed and wiped dry before replacing, they will last an indefinite time, and give better results."

Trimacar replied that this would probably fit his 1910 Hudson.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to what you find.




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