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1924 Dodge Touring Interior

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  • 3 weeks later...

My Grandpa made it home last week and got to see the car for the first time last weekend! As far as Grandpa goes he was about as thrilled as I have ever heard him. He also came with presents from his garage including the dash with all original guages/switches and two full boxes of not only the parts he had taken off of this car but two other cars he had scrapped. Sometimes it isnt such a bad thing to keep everything you have touched with a wrench for the last fifty years. When I go out there in January I will get a look at the bits and pieces and snap some photos to post.

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Joe, and other 'Brothers',

I apologise for not keeping regular attention to this site but am curious why no one has mentioned (regarding the floorboards) that there is a curved metal piece that seems to be missing on his car that goes between the horizontal floor boards and around the back of the tranny that meets the angular toeboards. It is about 3" / 4" and would explain the space missing in his photos. I would also agree with others in that Joe should join the DBC and check the roster for others with similar models to go look for himself.

Rodger "Dodger" Hartley

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I thought about joining but I knew that I was only going to have the car for a while, I am in Texas and the car is in California. My Grandpa (so I am told) is a member of the Dodge Brothers Club and Him and my Dad are working on the car over there right now. If it was free to join I would do it in a minute and have often thought of doing it anyway but every dime seems to count in the last couple of years. I dont think that my Grandpa knows how to use the benifits of membership ( if he is a member ), Could you throw some suggestions my way to maybe help him along....... He is 82.

I am very curious about the floor piece now, I can see where it would go ( kinda)..... ( I think )..... Any more information or pictures you could share???

Thanks, Joe

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I have been restoring English sportscars for years, but now have the opportunity to buy a 1924 Dodge Brothers Touring car. I know absolutely nothing about these, except I really like it.

Can somebody put me in a ball park of what one of these cars in original condition is worth? Perhaps a price range?



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