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52 Dodge fuel pump


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I was asked a question yesterday that I need help with. I am not a Dodge guy and mostly pre-war but it was my boss asking the question!! He took an Autolite fuel pump off a 52 Dodge six and cannot find a part number or reference anywhere as to what it could be.

He also took a pump, presumably Carter, off a spare engine he had. He says they have very different dimensions of the cam arm and the relation of the arm to the mounting holes in the flanges. However both bolted up and worked in their respective engine.

He is hesitant to put the Carter on the good engine as it is very different from the Autolite but cannot find any app chart that gives an Autolite number for a Dodge six. He has been to NAPA and some other stores and looked around on line a little bit.

What can I tell him? Any help here would be a vast improvement over my Dodge knowledge!! Thanks- Bill

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Guest DeSoto Frank

Most flathead- MoPars from 1941 thru 1959 use an Airtex #588 fuel pump.

If the operating arm/mounting flange are different between the two pumps, I would be reluctant to swap them.

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