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Ads by Google

Doug Harness

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I was surprised when I logged on to the forum tonight to see a block of text with the heading "Ads by Google" and a list of automotive websites.

At first I thought it was something on my computer, but it doesn't appear on any other website. It's really annoying, because it covers several of the posts, and I can't seem to move or close it.

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As someone who is involved in other forums in other hobbies I have to say the Google adds are what allows us to keep going by helping to pay our server costs. Yes they seem intrusive but they can assist greatly in supporting the places that support you.

I know nothing of the economics of this site but I will say that I do click the Google ads to check out the sponsors that pay to be propagated to sites like this. There is absolutely no harm by clicking and looking at these advertisers, while doing so you do help the site you are on by adding to the click count and thus revenues to the site itself.

Eventually you will see mostly car type adds anyway...it just takes time for the adds to adjust automatically.

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The problem was in my browser after all. The zoom and text size mysteriously changed. The top 3 sponsors on the right side of the page were stationary, but the "Ads by Google" block had floated toward the middle of the screen, obscuring parts of the postings. Thanks for the suggestions and comments!

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