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1957 Buick Super Engine Decal Info ??


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l recently purchased a 1957 Buick Super Riviera and just detailed the engine compartment. I am wondering if this engine had valve cover decals, and if so, what type of decal? I called Bob's Automobilia in CA, but he was not sure, saying that 1957 was too new!

I have a 1954 Buick Special Riviera and that car has the smaller V8 and has engine decals. Any ideas on what type of engine decal should be used on the 1957 and if so, can anyone describe? Thanks,








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What a nice looking Super!

1957 does not have any decals on the rocker arm covers. It does get a decal on the side of the air cleaner, having to do with air cleaner maintenance, and maybe a small orange one on the oil filler cap, and I think that's about it. CARS, Inc. has these in their catalogue. You also need to join the Buick Club to get the magazine, parts ads, and ads from CARS, Inc.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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It might not hurt to do a search. Not long ago an AACA member with a very nice Super Riveria quite similiar to yours asked almost identical questions. I agree that the engine itself was free of decals except the oil filter canister. The Air Filter (orange for 4bbl carb or white for a 2bbl carb) and windshield washer pump/jar top had a trico decal.

Dan '57-76C


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