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Looking for overdrive to use in a 35

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I have just started a restoration on a 1935 Oldsmobile 6 cyl.

The car has been in storage since about 1955. It was never driven in salt and has only surface rust. So far all but two bolts has come off easily!

It has a 3 speed transmission.

I would like to know if there is an overdrive transmission that will fit this car?

Posibably one from a later GM car......


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You could probably adapt a S10 T-5,I have one behind a 235 in my 37 chevy p/u and welded a original shifter to it and installed the parking brake to the side of the trans so it looks more original. I can now cruise at 65 on the highway but if you do install a o/d trans upgrade the brakes.

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You may look in a Hollander interchange manual. There were some tips pages in some of the fifties manuals where the wrecking yards of the era sent in tips about interchanges that were not covered by an exact part number interchange.

A lot of Pontiac stuff interchanges with Olds, like ring gears and pinions.

I seem to remember that the transmissions were shared with the La Salle's of the era.

Also you need to remember that all Oldsmobile's were built to GO but never STOP - ha ha.


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