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Guest petritl

The following pictures are of a 1954 Clipper that is for sale . The car has been sitting for 4 decades and the title is gone.

I am not a particular fan of one make of automobile over another, I like most of them from the late 30s to the mid 50s. My enjoyment is getting cars like this and cleaning them up and making them drivable again but this one seems like it would be a real challange. I have to wonder how much will stay behind after it is pulled out of it's spot.

What is your opinion?







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If it's a Clipper Special Club Sedan, then I would say go for it. They only made 912 of those in 1954 so it's kinda special alright. I have seen a lot worse (rusty) cars get restored.

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Guest Trunk Rack
Every 51-54 i've stumbled over has been abandoned due to engine issues. That's where I'd put my money.

- Mark

ONE-WORD COMMENT - " U l t r a m a t i c "

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