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48 stude vin info

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I was wondering if anyone knows where to look on my 48 truck for the vin No. The plate was apparently removed during the previous owners street rodding work, and I am trying to contact him, but I know some manufacturers also stamped the frame or other places. Any one know????? I also have the title and other paperwork from a couple of other previous owners along with my and their bills of sale, but a visible tag would be nice. Thanks, John

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Guest Gary Hearn


I presume that you are working on a M-5. There should be a tag on the driver's side seat riser as well as on the frame behind the left front wheel. However, many times these are missing due to rust. There will also be a body number on the upper right firewall, but this will have no correlation to the serial number.

Also, many states titled vehicles at the time based on the engine number and that may appear on the title. That was the case with the M-16 grain truck that I have that came from Kansas.

If you have specific questions about your truck, the guys on Studebaker Truck Talk can help (Studebaker Truck Talk).


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