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No More Leaks!

Guest AarOn!

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Hey everyone.....just thought I would update you all about my 1989 Riviera. I took it to a mechanic who had been with GM dealerships, primarily buick out here on the west coast for 25 years or so. He knows the 3800 V6 engines like the back of his hand. He replaced my oil pan gasket as well as my intake manifold gaskets. They were the originals....all chewed up. Thats what time does to 20 year old gaskets I suppose. No more leaks! Dry as a bone underneath my car as well as in the engine bay. However, I did notice that when my car came back, it had an odd noise that didnt exist before. I cant even describe the noise. I know it increases with engine RPM. Im thinking maybe one of the pulleys is going south. Who knows. I will ask him about it because I plan on having him do my A/C system. The system has been open for about 7 years or so and I know there is a leak somewhere in the system. Still has the original compressor and accumulator and all other related AC parts. It has already been converted to the 134a standard. It would be nice to have AC again because its been pretty hot here in Los Angeles. He also said he could repair my Opera Lights! He read my mind when he mentioned the opera lights. I will keep yall posted.

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