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1950 Horn Question

Guest sconnors

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Guest sconnors

Did some work on my horns today as they were very low. Took both horns apart cleaned them etc. I have a flexible steering wheel and I removed the horn button operating wheel's three screws. There was a lot of rust so I cleaned everything off with a wire brush and some sandpaper and reassembled. Presto, the horns worked fine, BUT only for a short time, now they're back to sounding the same way they did when I started which leads me to believe it was something in the switch on the column. Anyone else have this problem or any solutions I might try?

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Leave the horns mounted in place. Remove the wire going to each horn and place some tape over the spade lug. Now run a heavy 10 gauge wire from the battery positive post to the horn connection and see if the horn is loud enough. If not, the problem is in the horn or the ground connection (mounting bolts). If it is loud, the problem is in the wiring to the horn from the relay or in the relay itself. Check the wiring from the relay to the horns; these should be 10 gauge. If the wires are good, then remove the relay and on the bench remove the cover. Check the contact points and file with an ignition file to good clean and square metal. Replace the cover and relay and reconnnect. Otherwise buy a new relay off ebay.

Good luck.

Joe, BCA 33493

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