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Guest mongeonman

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Guest mongeonman

i am looking at a SS that is in Glenview IL at Loren Hyundai,vin is1g4ec33c9LB904454,it looks perfect inside out,65000 miles,what should the average price be if it is in very good mechanical order,if someone lives close by i would appreciate if you would stop by and take a look at it.it is to far away from my home to go but i am very intersted in the car.thanks

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I was speaking with Hagerty Insurance about a quote for my 91 vert and was told that the Old Car Price Guide showed $14,700 and Cars That Matter (by Hagerty) lists the '91 as $16,000 in good condition and $22,000 in excellent condition. I would guess that these books would price the car you're looking at as a '90 and then would add a $$ value for it being a SS. Someone on this forum probably can chime in with better numbers based on recent actual sales of a Select 60 (Tammy??) or may have access to either of the guide books mentioned.

After looking at the vehicle on the website, it "appears" that the asking price is fair and every car dealership I've ever dealt with has quite a bit of negotiating room built into the asking price. Your on the right track in asking for someone local to take a look at it for you to evaluate condition . . . on the other hand, you run the risk of someone else falling in love with this vehicle as there were only 65 of these built . . .

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Looking that the database (Reatta Data Page) I logged the car in Oct 2006 in NY and no mileage was given.

I do not have a reference to where the information comes from, usually it is on Ebay, Autotrader, or someone sends me the information on their car. In this case there was no mileage given in 2006

The 1990 Select Sixtys are certinally rare cars, they are documented as 65 built and through various means, we have identified almost all of them by vin number.....but in many cases do not know where they are or who ownes them.

If just rarity makes a car more valuable, then there were several other Reattas that meet that criteria....... compared to the SS60, there were only 60 Driftwood convertibles built.

There were only 60 silver convertibles built in '90 and even rarer, there were only 37 grey convertibles. If you go even further, most of the grey convertibles would have had grey interior, but it they had blue or red then the number would be much smaller....the problem at this time we do not have the exterior/interior color breakdown documented on 1990 cars.

There are also some bright red convertibles built with red(burgundy) interior in 1990. These were special orders as that combination did not appear available on the order sheet. We know of maybe 6...... so how rare/valuable are these cars?

In 1991... we do have the exterior/interior breakdown. Of the 305 total convertible made...

5 were grey

13 were burgundy

22 were blue

23 were silver

44 were black

88 were red

110 were white

So in 1991 five colors were rarer than the 65 SS60's built in 1990. I don't think that diminishes the value of the SS60 but you must balance the numbers and when someone ask a very high price for a SS60 because it is a limited production model, the question needs to be ask "how much does that make it worth" ? If there is little or no demand, then its value may only be with the seller.

Also remember there are some extremely rare 1991 convertibles....... probably because Buick has white seats and interior panels surplus after building the SS60's, White interior was available as a $100 option in 1991.

There were 5 1991 convertibles built with white interiors.

900372 = white exterior, white seats with blue trim and white top 16 way seats

900381 = white exterior, white seats with red trim and white top 16 way seats

900561 = blue exterior, white seats with blue trim and white top standard seats

900615 = white exterior, white seats with blue trim and white top standard seats

900616 = white exterior, white seats with red trim and white top 16 way seats

I have two documents that do not agree on 900616... one says it has red seats, but the

GM document that list all the codes that would appear on the "service parts " label says it had white seats. Don't go looking for it as it was listed as SCRAPPED

900561 above with blue exterior would be a one of a kind Reatta and in my opinion a very rare and somewhat valuable car (assuming it is still around and in good condition)

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You make a very good point Barney.

s60's are just 90 models with different window dressing so I dont think I would pay a premium over any of the other rare combos in similar condition.

91 models are different cars in the powertrain and braking system and personely I would pay more for one of the rarer combos in a 91 Reatta than

any 1990 model (that I dont care much for white finishes) :P

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Was it about 69 Chevrolets that John Z. said they could make a million and no two would be alike ?

Take my Judge. Ony three out of 3635 like it built (white/red with four speed and a/c). Nice to drive but terrible gas milage. Friends finally convinced me to buy nw tires - still have 8/32nds and look perfect but 1993 vintage.

Did find what it takes to make a 215x65x15 look proper, an 8" rim.

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The following written by Barney explains what makes the Select 60 different from any other Reatta convertible of its year (and why I believe the value of a Select 60 is greater than just a rare exterior/interior finish).

Copied and pasted from: Reatta Data Page

Select 60 Info

From: Barney Eaton

Date: 12/22/98

The Select 60 was a term for an award given by the Buick general manager to the dealers with "outstanding achievement" during a calendar year. The most famous Reatta "Select 60's" were the 1990 convertibles. *1990 Reatta Select 60 convertible. There were 65 made and based on the fact that they went to 60 dealers, there were 5 extras that may have been used by Buick executives. Buick still owners at least one car (#904434), it was shown at the 1997 St Louis convention. There was a certificate of authenticity that was given to the dealer with the car. The certificate explained the award, the unique features of the car, serial number, and the dealership name. Most of the unique features were available on 1991 Reattas, but not 1990's. The car and features were:

All white exterior, white top, white leather seats with flame red trim (carpet, dash, steering wheel) a cup holder in the center armrest, and white 16"- 1991 style wheels. Some Reatta club members have seen a special hood emblem that has "Select 60" on it. However it does not appear that the cars came with the emblem. It may have been sent to the dealer later and many cars do not have the emblem installed. We have located 8 cars. All but one have black side molding. Please click for Select 60

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That Eaton guy has been writing stuff for years..........

As for the hood emblem, we now know it was for the 1988 Reatta that was added to the allotment given to Select Sixty dealers. In 1988 Buick dealers were selling every Reatta they could get their hands on........ Remember the car was announced late in the model year and the first shippments were not sent to dealers until late Jan-early Feb.

The 4,708 Reattas built during the 1988 model run were built in about a 5-6 month period.

The Select Sixty Buick Dealer hood emblem was sent to the dealers to be installed on the cars but in many cases the car was already sold so few of the cars have the emblem. I have a GM document that indicates there were 55 built with the X22 code (this was probably an internal code for the award cars)

The 1990 SS60 convertibles had a standard 1990 hood emblem

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"That Eaton guy has been writing stuff for years ........." and those of us that love these cars are very thankful of your writings!!

Seriously, Barney - THANK YOU for all that you have done to educate people about these very unique automobiles!! We (I dare to speak for the majority here) appreciate very much the knowledge and information that you share day in and day out, often repeating yourself for the new owners that show up every month. I look forward to the day that I get to attend a Buick function that you are at as I intend to introduce myself and shake your hand to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do on this forum!

Sorry for hijacking this thread . . . back to the subject of Select 60's. Anybody have any recent sales data and/or $$ numbers for a '90 vert that might help the original poster with his query?

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Guest mongeonman

finally bought a 1990 convertible on e bay,color is white plus black mouldings and red seats,one owner(carfax says so),it looks perfect inside out 105000 miles but looks like 50000 miles,vin is 1G4EC33C5LB904905 it is from New Jersey,Trenton,bought it from Future Classics in Lakewood,they say the white top is excellent shape and the car drives super nice,original paint and still shiny.I hope it is everyting they said ,i saw lots of pics ,hope it runs as good as it looks,i will try to get it friday next week.

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Guest Richard D

Any problem buying an older car in the US and taking it to Canada or visa versa? Back in 1980 I bought a 1977 Chevy crew cab duell wheel 1 ton pick-up with 8 foot bed (4 miles to a gallon) in Toronto and I crossed the border with the Ontario plates and no one said anything. Have the customs laws changed?

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Any problem buying an older car in the US and taking it to Canada or visa versa?

My experience is with moving cars out of the USA.

If they are less than 15 years old, they have to be inspected to conform with Canadian laws (e.g. Canada required daytime running lights before the US). If they are older than that (or newer for that matter), the federal government only wants its 5% sales tax. The province it is going to may also have sales tax (7%) here and an inspection required before it can be licensed.

Getting on soap box...I hate the concept of these taxes. For instance, the previous owner of my '41 would have paid all requisite taxes when he brought it from Minnesota, and of course, paid taxes on goods and services to work on the car. When it changed hands, I was required to pay provincial sales tax before I could license it. Grrr. Getting off soap box now.

This is one of the reasons why I would consider bringing a Reatta north (beyond 15 years), but not a last generation Riviera (yet). That being said, the cost of shipping can be a huge expense. I am trying to limit my car buying to local purchases now. The barn is full at the moment, so I have been generally able to behave myself.

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