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1935, straight 8 thermostat location?


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:confused:On my straight 8, 1935 model 58, just where is the cooling system thermostat located at?, in the hose connection on the engine or under the connection on the radiator?. I still am working on getting this engine running, I have adjusted two of the babbits, installed a screw on oil filter, new fuel pump, new plugs, wires, cap, and 6V coil, purchased a set of points but they were not the same as what is in it and the new condencer did not work so I put back on the origional one (condencer)and I have a spark again. (anyone know what part number to get these from NAPA, Autozone, etc.)

Once I can get these running & ideling I want to flush out the cooling system but because of the old hose's I don't want to just start taking off the wrong ones until I can verify that the motors still good (24K mile)

Also a paint question - the car is black at the present time, what colors came out in 1935?, the origional color was green but it was painted black around 1973 and when I strip it all down to bare metal I am thing about going back with something else besides green or black. I am planning an applying a laquer instead of enamel.

Thanks everyone.

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From the BCA judging manual....


368 61 Arlington Gray Wawasee Green Arlington Gry Dk/Arlington Gray Arlington Gray/Wawasee Green

Arlington Gray Dark

369 56S,68C Runnymeade Green Kilarney Green Lizard Green/Runnymeade Grn Runnymeade Green/Lizard Green

Kilarney Green

400 46 Black Medium Cream Black Black/Medium Cream

401 41 Crillion Blue Baryla Yellow Crillion Blue Crillion Blue/Baryla Yellow

402 47 Empire Blue State Blue Empire Blue Empire Blue/State Blue

403 46S Montague Green Montague Green Light Montague Green Montague Grn/Montague Grn Lt

404 Ambassador Maroon Cartetet Red Ambassador Maroon Ambassador Maroon/Carteret Red

405 48 Nassau Tan Medium Cream Nassau Tan Nassau Tan/Medium Cream

406 Garnet Maroon Chessylite Scarlet Black Garnet Maroon/Chessylite Scarlet

407 Freedom Blue Baryta Yellow Freedom Blue Freedom Blue/Baryta Yellow

409 Madrid Maroon Carteret Red Madrid Maroon Madrid Maroon/Carteret Red

410 48 Douglas Green Apple Green Douglas Green Douglas Green/Apple Green

411 46S Pony Brown Taffy Tan Pony Brown Pony Brown/Taffy Tan

412 Raleigh Blue Robins Egg Blue Raleigh Blue Raleigh Blue/Robins Egg Blue

413 Arlington Gray Nassau Orange Arlington Gray Arlington Gray/Nassau Orange

414 46C Runnymeade Green Baryta Yellow Runnymeade Green Runnymeade Green/Baryta Yellow

415 Bellevue Beige Bellevue Green Bellevue Beige Bellevue Beige/Bellevue Green

416 St.Regis Green St.Regis Green Light St. Regis Green St.Regis Green/St. Regis Green Lt

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Thank you for the paint information, I FINALLY got the car to start last night - its been around 18 years since its been running. The fuel mixture is rich, so next thing is to read up on the "MARVEL" carburator adjustments, float is sticking I suspect. I had this carb. off and cleaned it a while back and I may have to take it a part again and perhaps purchase a kit.

The float is a large chunk of cork - as is the float in the fuel tank.

Generator is working, oils preasure is real good, just one plug is fouled so it has a slight miss to it but with it running so rich thats to be expected.

Water pump is working so there may not even be a thermostate in it? so after I flush it out I will locate where it is designed to be and install a new one.

Thank you everyone for the support.

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You can make a new cork float from wine corks glued together with Crazy Glue (works in modern gasolines). Just use a sander or grinder to flatten two sides of each cork and glue them together to make a big enough piece. Then shape it to fit in the float bowl. All my cars have new floats made this way.

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