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Parts for - 1938 Buick Series 90, Model 90L, Seven Passenger Limousine

Diljeet Titus

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Dear Sir,

Could you please let me know if you have any of the following parts for my 1938 Buick Series 90, Model 90L, Seven Passenger Limousine; to sell me:

1. Grill Badge

2. Buick 8 Badge for Centre of Front Bumper

3. Sidemount Emblems

4. Wiper Escutcheons with Pads, Screws, Complete Transmission Assembly including Interior Arms and Wire (excluding Wiper Motor) – 2 pcs.

5. Carburetor (Stromberg AAV-2) (1 Complete Set)


1 NOS or completely rebuilt Stromberg Carburetor AAV-16, Part no. 380029, Carburetor Code no. 7-37 (Single Standard Dual Carburetor Buick 1941-42)


1 NOS or completely rebuilt Stromberg Carburetor 4AUV-267 (Four Barrel Carburetor for 1952 Buick Series 70 engine) or Carter Model WCFB for the same car and engine

6. Air Cleaner Assembly (Wire Mesh type)

7. Complete Radio (Centerline Dual Radio for Rear Seat) (preferably working condition)

8. Footboard Rubber – 2 Sets (left and right) (3’ x 10’ -2 pcs)

9. Bell Housing Foundation (squarish with 2 holes)

10. Grab Handles (1 pr.)

11. Interior Accessory Lights (6 pcs.)

12. Dickey Handle Housing Frame with Light Lens

13. Hubcap Clips – 100nos.

14. Hood Prop with Mounting Bracket (pair).

15. 3 Cigarette Lighters (1 for dash and 2 for passenger seat armrest cigarette lighter sockets)

16. Interior Carpet Mats with Buick Logo

17. Thermostat

18. Jack and Handle (Original Type)

19. Toolkit for Trunk (including Screwdriver, Pliers, Monkey Wrench, Peen Hammer etc)

20. 2 - Bumper Guards (Front and Rear)

21. 1 - Glove Compartment Light Assembly

22. 1 - Set of Bug Screens for inside of Front Grills

23. Electric Clock (which fits in the Frame under the Division Glass, in front of the Rear Seat).

24. Hill Holder – NoRoL (complete assembly)

25. Running Board Accessory Step Plates (4 pcs.)

26. Cam Shaft

27. Flywheel Ring (156 teeth)

28. Oil filter unit upgrade type (complete unit with lines)

29. Crank – 1 *

30. Main Big End – 1 *

31. Big End – 1 *

* Item No. 29, 30 and 31 to be matched together & standard size only.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

Kind regards,

Diljeet Titus

<email :="">dtitus@titus-india.com></email>

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Welcome to the forum. You have an impressive car

Some parts on your list you will find. Some are near impossible

Have you any photos?

Is it right hand drive ?

Is it a Fisher body (USA) or McLaughlin body (from Canada) ?

Details of the data plate of the firewall would be of interest to Buick people here

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My 1938 Buick is bodied by Fisher. The exact description is 1938 McLaughlin Buick, The Limited Series 49, Eight Passenger Imperial Sedan With Trunk, Model 49-33 – [style No. – 384933 – Body No. 11 – Trim 434 - Right Hand Drive(this is the Series 90 Limited 4 door 8 passenger Limousine)]. Attached are photos of my car under restoration. I would greatly appreciate any help with the parts I need.


Diljeet Titus




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