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1948 Windsor rear end U joint strap infor needed

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I do not have the correct straps to hold the rear U joint on to my 1948 Chrysler Windsor rear differential (3.54-1 automatic tranny). As a result, the drive shaft slips out of alignment with the U joint and complete breakdown or permanent damage may occur. The only straps that I could find at a local parts store were for a '75 Chrysler and they are a poor fit.

Does anyone have or would take photos of the rear U joint assembly or possibly the page out of the shop manual that shows me the correct strap bolt assembly that I need?

I am not sure what other years this part fits. Knowing this would help broaden my search base past 1948 Windsors.

Better yet, does anyone have any spare straps for sale?

I have attached photos of the alignment problem that is causing the violent vibrations with the incorrect straps.

Thanks for your time.





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Are you sure that you have the correct U-joint? it looks to wide. It should lay into the yoke. The yoke should have the side stops built into it.

It almost looks to be off center, too.

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Jack, you may be correct. The u joint that I am using is a new one pressed into a 1975 Cordoba drive shaft. The when taking yoke measurements on the Windsor third member, the joint fit. That's not saying that I have the right style joint for the Windsor section.

Thanks for the input.

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Those are the wrong U-joints! The caps that bolt to the yokes have wings with pre drilled holes drilled so the caps bolt directly to the trans/rear end yokes as the picture shows. C38 are smaller than the 8cyl C39 chryslers but look the same.



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Guest DeSoto Frank

Find one with the right caps, that match the flange on the differential !!!!

Try NAPA; they furnished me with new U-joints for my '41 De Soto, replacing exactly the oddball "Mechanics" u-joint that has been obsolete for 40 years !

(Apparently my joints also fit certain Agricultural and contstruction equipment. )

Your Chrysler originally used Detroit Cross & Yoke joints, did not use separate straps, but had two bearing caps with mounting ears with bolt-holes through them.

Find the right joints !!!

Not worth having your car torn-up if that driveshaft gets loose!

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