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Odd number Buick dashpot ~1950


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In a box of old Buick parts I found an NOS carburetor dashpot with a part number I can't trace. The number is handwritten on the box because the lid with the lable is missing. I think it might be a superceded part number, or just written incorrectly.

The part number as written is "1349576" (most likely Group # 3.444), and the box also has written on it "1949-1952", which if it fits Dynaflow cars doesn't make sense since there was a change in 1950. It looks like a typical straight 8's dashpot. For some reason it was in with a bunch of parts for my 1960 Buick.

Does anybody know what this thing fits?


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the number is correct I think. the number is an early 1960ies number. I think the application is wrong. it's probably 1959-62. I see it all the time. just today I had a carburetor labeled 1942-48 Chrysler, I check the number and it's 1935 Dodge COE.

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Thanks, but I'm pretty sure this isn't a 1959/60-era Buick part.

It's been about 10 years, but I installed a new dashpot on my 1960. I remember it as smaller than this one (it's almost 2.75" in diameter), with an external wire spring. Also I remember it had a mounting bracket attached which this one does not.

The box it's in is no newer than 1960, if that's any help.

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