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6 volt fan and fuel pump

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I want to add an electric fuel pump to my car to help with some of the vapor lock I get as well as an electric pusher fan to help when I'm stuck in traffic. The car gets by without these but it has gotten a bit warmer than I want at times and I'm not sure how much longer the wife will enjoy those precious times when we wait for things to cool a bit.

My question is, should I use relays to do this? The fan I have has a 4 amp draw. I haven't chosen a pump yet but they don't appear to have too much draw either. Is the relay only because they might draw more power than that on start up? Of course the other reason for the relay is to keep switches from melting.

What are the general opinions from folks regarding relays and fan/fuel pump additions?


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Electric fuel pump is a good idea--BUT be sure you have an underdash shut off in case of accident of some other problem where you want the fuel flow to stop. Do not connect it to the ignition switch to come on and off with the key--have a shut off switch also.

There's some dispute about radiatior fans. At low car speeds they certainly aid in cooling. Some owners, though, state that the fan blocks air flow at high car speed. I voted FOR an electric fan and have no regrets.

Relays are the best way to go. You can suffer a lot of voltage drop by powering the accessories directly through switches. I put 6-voil coil relays in my 37 Roadmonster to brighten up the headlights and driving lights since the factory powered the head lights directly through the headlight switch.

You can get 6-voil coil relays on line at Grainger.com, item # 1EHE9 for the 20-amp relay and item #1EGP6 for the matching base. You'll need a 6-voil coil relay and a base for each accessory, plus it's convenient to have the the DIN mounting bar that the bases slip on to. You can also attach the bases directly to the firewall or wherever you wish with sheet metal screws and avoid the cost of the mounting bar.

Be sure to fuse (an in-line fuse is just fine) the relayed power source.



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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the comments as well as the Grainger model numbers. Those relays look different then the relays I normally associate with automotive applications but they seem like they should do the trick.

As for a shutoff, my plan is to only use the fuel pump to help with vapor lock problems during start. As such, I'll only use a momentary switch instead of something that locks on. That should help me avoid the shut off issue you are talking about. All my research seems to indicate that even with the electric pump inline the mechanical pump should be able to pull sufficient gas once the engine is running.

I am still investigating but I expect that I'll mount two or three relays and probably a turn signal flasher on a block and than mount the block under the dash. From there I'll run wires out to the pump, fan, possibly the headlights as you suggest, and to some new flashers while I'm at it.

Looks like my project list for winter is getting kind of long :)


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