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1936 radio pictures?

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I want to add a modern radio to my car running off either a 6 to 12 volt converter or possibly just a dedicated 12 volt battery that I'll charge independent of the car's electical system.

I don't want to change the original apperance so I was thinking that it might be good to try and use an original speaker box and mount the speakers and radio with a remote inside it. It might also be interesting to see if the radio head could be modified to control the radio somehow.

I have been unable to locate any pictures of the exact radio used in the 1936. If anybody has pictures or can point me to pictures I'd really appreciate it.

Of course, any other ideas people have are also welcome.



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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the idea. I had thought about doing something like that but I had some concerns about whether it would be loud enough and how much the glove box might muffle the sound.

I currently drive around with a boom box but this is unattractive because its size doesn't lend itself well being in the front seat and in the back it is impossible to reach to change channels and adjust volume. Perhaps I just need a remote controlled boom box?

Ultimately I like the idea of a radio permanently mounted inside the car so that I don't forget it when I'm going through the rest of the pre-drive checkout. I think it might be possible to install speakers either under the dash or in the kick board area so that they wouldn't be seen and then put a modern car radio in the glove box. That eats my glove box but should keep things out of site. The speaker box idea is still the most attractive to me but if I can't locate one from 1936 I'll probably go this way.


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There were two options for radios in the 1936 Buick. The Master was the lesser option it had the radio and speaker all contained in a single unit. The Ranger was the upscale option it had a large speaker that was separate from the radio box. The speaker mounted on the firewall in the center of the car and the radio box mounted on the firewall by the parking brake. I've attached a picture of the two different heads from the sales brochure. I have a Ranger radio (not installed) in my garage. I'll post some pictures of it later.


1936 Buick-33.jpg

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