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CRT/Touchscreens 88-89 (tested)


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As a Reatta owner, we all know the benefit of having spare parts. I have several working/tested CRTs sometimes called a touchscreen that are the focal point of an 88-89 Reatta dash. As the owner of multiple Reattas I have done my best to stock up on spare parts. I have more than I will ever use. Price is fixed and includes shipping. Feel free to contact me regarding any part for any year or model Reatta. If I don't have it I know where to get it.

Price: $ 170


Name: Steve Scott

Phone: (951) 323-0263

Location: La Verne, CA


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You are the man!!

Received the CRT, looks great, more importantly, IT WORKS! I now can finish my repairs on the car....

I am absolutely glad I came across your help.

Will be looking forward to contacting you later..

Thanks again!

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Keller and all.

Hard to say exactly. I have never seen a partial failure like you discribe. I would first remove the CRT and clean the connections. If this doesn't help I suggest that you find a shop that has a Kent Moore CRT Tester J-34914. If you cant find a shop that has one of these tools you could borrow, or purchase this tool. (They can be easily found on ebay)

It is hard to troubleshoot this problem without the tool. If you can't locate the tool we can troubleshoot the problem by trial and error. What I have done in the past is if someone buys a tested CRT from me and there is no change in the problem I have them return it and then send them a CRT controller. This has always fixed the problem in the past. It is either one component or the other. I dont believe the problem is in the CPS (Central Power Supply). If you are not haveing other issues with the IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) and backlighting then the CPS is probably OK. I do have those however if that turns out to be the problem. I am not a parts vendor. With six cars of my own I have seen many of the issues Reattas have and I like to help people solve these problems.

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