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Where can I find a 17 1/4" wood steering wheel rim??


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I am working on a 31 Chevy fire truck with a wood rimmed steering wheel. Unfortunatly it has broken for the second time and I don't think I can fix it. Is there a source for wood rims or does someone know what I can graft onto it? I have to have the truck drivable in 3 weeks. The rim is 1" thick by 17 1/4" o.d and 15 1/4" i.d. Of course this is donated labor....I never get paid for the time-consuming projects!:confused:


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Are you talking about finding a NOS wheel or getting one

made from scratch? You could cut one out of, for example,

oak or ash, in segments (six or eight) and use finger

joints or biscuits to put it together. If you are not a

woodworker, you might want to seek one out.

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