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1991 Maui Blue Reatta Coupe

Barney Eaton

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Because we have found another Reatta, we are offering our Blue/ Blue Reatta coupe for sale. It has 16 way seats, CD player, Blue side molding, and white pinstripe. There were 55 Maui Blue coupes built in 1991 and there were only 2 made with this color combination and options. NO sunroof.

This car won BCA Gold Senior at the 2004 Buick national meet in Plano TX

The car is in near perfect condition, It was purchased in Seattle, then the owner moved to Phoenix and now it is in Texas......it is rust free.

Present mileage is 87,464

The price is $6,500 and I can send more detailed information and photos to anyone interested. If it does not sell soon, it will be taken off the market.

Barney@texas.net 512-869-5114



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Guest craig hewitt

want a BMW for a trade 89 635 csi bronzit last year built even has a fridge in the back seat and rear air one of about 1400 shipped to the states I know your a GM man but i do love the maui blue having a 90 but 91 reattas are my favorite Craig I havent drove BMW all summer love my reattas some of the guys around think im nutts

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Barney, you do know that Mke and Nancy are looking for just what you have don't you?

We are looking to purchase a 1991 (only) Reatta coupe. Would prefer a very nice driver as opposed to a show car. Color preferences are:

1. Claret Red with grey interior

2. Black with grey or red interior

3. Maui Blue

4. Red with red or grey interior

5. Dark Grey

6. White with red or blue interior

Would prefer NOT to have sun roof or leg extender seat options

Call 614-471-8219


Mike & Nancy Book

BCA # 9202

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  • 2 weeks later...

SOLD....... car is going to a new home in Savannah GA.

I was reluctant to sell but the wife found this 16K Black coupe with 'Red interior, 16 way and CD that has a excellant history/story which I will go into at a later date.

We are in transition...... the trucker is supposed to pick up the Black coupe today and the buyer of the Maui Blue is flying in next week to pick it up.

That may present a photo op to have three 1991's in the driveway at once.

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