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Contacting the Pittsburgh Portholes Chapter


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I'm interested in ordering some back issues of the Bugle, and have downloaded the order form from the Pittsburgh Portholes Chapter website.

I have a question to ask regarding availability of certain issues, but find that the Chapter's e-mail address is not working: pittsburghportholes@yahoo.com

Does anyone have a current e-mail address for the chapter or for Philip Dayen, who is evidently the individual responsible for the sale of past issues of the Bugle?

Thanks for your help.

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I am not an officer of the Porthole chapter, but I am probably one of the few local members who frequent this forum.

I do not know why the web address Centurion referenced in the first post did/does not work. I do know Phil Dayen is the gentleman who handles the inventory and sales of past Bugles. Without consulting with the chapter first, I did not want to list his private contact information here on the open forum.

I do know if you go to the BCA home page and navigate thru the "find a chapter" tab, the chapter's other information is up to date to my understanding.

I will make some local inquiries to see what's up.

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