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Disc Frankenwheels


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I was wondering if anybody had seen this modification made before; four wheels on my car have been modified, they have had steel one piece rims welded to them. The other two wheels have the stock rims with the removable lock on the front. The modified rims actually look like they were done by a professional however without removing the tires and giving them a spin I don't know if they run true or will even balance. They have been on the car like this for at least 50 years though so they must have been acceptable to the last owner. All six rims on the car have 20x6.5 tires mounted to them.

Here is a stock wheel with locking ring:


Here is one of the modified welded wheels:


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The top wheel is and you can see the keeper lock on it but the bottom rim has had the stock outer rim removed and had it replaced with a modern steel single piece rim. Perhaps I should take better pictures to make it more clear.

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