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46-48 Conv Coupe Upholstery & Top Colors

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I would like to getting some information about the leather and top colors originally available from the factory on the '46-'48 LLincolns (not Continentals). I have seen many different combinations and am not sure if they are original. For example, I'm looking at a '48 Convertible Couple, burgandy exterior color. The leather upholstery is black and the top is tan in color. Is this a valid factory original color combination? I have seen the tan and blue leather uphostery in these cars enough to assume they are original colors but this is first black I've seen. Also, what carpeting colors were available in these cars and were they generic or keyed to the upholstery color?

I am trying to stay with the orginal factory color options as closely as possible.


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Hello. According to the build sheet on my 46 Lincoln Convertible ( body 294)

the following exterior colors were available:


Marine Blue

Willow Green

Sheldon Gray

Wing Gray

Surf Green

Skyline Blue

Lincoln Maroon

The top color ( tan in my case) was written in by hand, as was the interior leather color ( blue).

Let us know if you find further info.

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Starting in March of 1947 the "freshed " '47 models offered the following. I assume these combos were carried over to the '48 models as most were produced in 1947.

Standard Uphostery trim: Blue gray broadcloth, Blue cord, Tan cord.

Custom trim: shadow stripe in Blue,green and tan

Convertible leather: Tan, green, Blue and Red

Convertible Leather and Whipcord: Tan, Red, Green and Blue

Exterior colors: Black, Lincoln Maroon, Moss Green, Grotto Blue, Steel Gray, Pace Car Yellow ( Convertible), Sea Gull Gray, Dune Beige, Canyon Tan ( Convertible), Regal Blue, and Valley Green.

There was no mention of the carpet or top colors in the article but The carpets in the cars I have seen mached the uphostery. This info was published in the TWOTZ, March-April 1997 issue.

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" The Way of The Zephyr" is a club pulication and back issues are available. It seems that black leather was available for the '41 anf '42 conveertible and may have been carried over for the '46 cars and perhaps the early { pre march 1947) '47 cars.

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Follow-up question about interior colors for '46-'48 Lincolns (not Continentals) is the dash and interior trim (window molding, etc.) colors. I have seen many different variantions from a dark woodgrain finish (on a '46) to maroon (matches steering wheel) to silver/grey to body color. Any guidance on the correct color for the dash and interior trim (especially for Convertible Coupes)? I'm thinking the '46 and early '47s may have been woodgrain and the later cars a solid color, either body color or complimentary color.

Thanks again if anyone can help.

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This seems to come up a lot. I, too am thinking about color combinations for my '48 vert Conti, and I would love if anyone out there has a color sample sheet to go with the list. Exterior colors can be found around, but I'm having trouble finding good examples of what the actual leather, broadcloth and carpet colors look like.

Anyone? I'd upload pics of mine, but I think everyone knows what rust brown and mildew gray look like already.

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I have an old Manual (2nd edition; early 90s I think). I don't know what one is in print now, but it's all b&w diagrams from the chassis manual mostly. Do some of the newer ones have color samples and photographs? That would help a great deal

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