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Mystery Part on 1928 Chrysler 52

Guest Timothy D Bowers

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Guest Timothy D Bowers

This part was located on the firewall of the 1928 Chrysler 52 Sedan we are restoring.

Nothing was hooked up to it. It is directly below the Master Cylinder Reservoir. The holes in the firewall look factory. Inside is simply a spring tensioned plate that has something similar to brake shoe material riveted to it.

Any help on what it is?

Thanks in advance,


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It is a engine vibration device. The rod attaches between the item you have pictured and the must rear head bolt stud, on the drivers side of the head.

There should be 2 springs inside that hold tension against the pad.

I have the same on my 1927 Model 70.

I have a extra one if you are interested. I am parting out a 1927 Model 70, mostly for the parts I need to complete my restoration, but will have extra items.

Tom Radwill


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Guest lwood27

I am in need of a master cylinder for I beleive is a 1927 or 1928 chrysler.If you have one for sale I would be gratefull.

Thanks larry

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Guest Silverghost

We used to call these gizmos~

Engine vibration Snubbers .

They were also sold as an aftermarket item into the early 1960s !

They really do work well .

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