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FS - 66 Skylark Convertible Factory A/C & 3-speed column


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This was my father's car, and was in good, dry storage from the early 80's until late fall 2007. I am now selling it for my mother, but the title is still in my father's name who recently passed. Before being parked this car was a driver. This car comes with what I believe is a rather rare option combination - a convertible equipped with air-conditioning and a manual 3-speed column-shift transmission. Honestly, this is a GREAT car to restore and wouldn't take much to drive and enjoy as it is. I'd love to keep it if there was room.


It is black now but has been repainted; the original color was blue I believe. This is not a show-quality paint job and was probably done in the 1970's, but was presentable quality. It has some dings (all easily repairable) including edge of driver door, rear quarter panel, front tip of hood (had been repaired once it looks like), and a few other small scuffs/scratches. The car looks to be very solid overall - the only outer body rust evidence I could see was a small spot rusting through on lower PS quarter panel, a little spot on door edge and a few bubbles on DS door and trunklid. The trunk has a small spot rusted through in the corner (it looks like something was wet in the trunk at one time) but otherwise from what I could see crawling under it, the underside looks very solid. The windshield has a crack, and was quoted at $195 for replacement.

The top is brand new (Electro with glass window - not generic) and was installed last spring, as the old one was pretty ratty. The power top does work but the switch is not hooked up and must be jumpered under the dash. Most of the chrome is in fairly nice condition with only light pitting at worst except for a small dent in the rear bumper. A couple of the wheels have a bit more rust. Besides 2 center caps and antenna I don't see any trim missing. In the trunk is a replacement hood spear and taillight (ones on car damaged), and top boot.


This car has what I believe is the original 300 CI V-8. The car was started for the first time in over 20 years in April when it was towed to a local shop where received an oil change, complete brake job including wheel cylinders and shoes, heater hose, battery and belt. I drove the car about 10 miles home at that time and it seemed to run okay but had some engine noise - it quieted down after awhile but what the shop said sounded like lifter noise remained. I did not see any smoke in tailpipe. When starting the car this summer it wasn't quite as smooth - float was sticking in carb and it still has most ignition parts from 30 years ago so I'd say it could surely use a carb rebuild and good tune-up at the least. It is missing the air cleaner and the A/C compressor is off and in the trunk


The seats are in decent condition, but do have a couple tears/scuffs around the edges. The dash pad looks nice with no cracks. Carpet is pretty worn.

Located in Dyer, IN


Email me at lancemb48@hotmail.com











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