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Authentic 59-60 GM Convertible Top

Guest 70 Electra

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Guest 70 Electra

New WHITE convertible top for 1959 & 1960 GM applications. Fits both B-body (Impala, LeSabre, Invicta, Catalina, Bonneville, Olds 88) and C-body (Cadillac, Olds 98, Buick Electra).

All tops are NOT the same. There are significant differences in materials and construction. Read-on, for details.


This top has authentic pin-point grain white vinyl with black 100% cotton (not polyester) on underside. It includes new clear rear window (“back curtain”), with the CORRECT band of colored vinyl at the base of the rear window. Most replacement tops for this application do not have this feature, but the original tops did!


The back curtain also has a FULL LENGTH (“horseshoe”) zipper around 3 sides of the window---just like the original top---not a partial zipper like most current replacement tops. AND…it’s made of HEAVY BRASS like the original--Not the black plastic zipper found on current replacement tops.


Comes with extra material for windlace seal at front header and the rubber windlace rope. The windlace rope is the CORRECT 3/8” diameter, not the incorrect ½” diameter that is commonly used on replacement tops. (I will provide you the ½” if you prefer, but it is not authentic)


Why does this AMERICAN MADE top have these features that are difficult or impossible to find on current replacement tops? Because it was specially made for me by one of the largest top manufacturers in the nation. It has been stored in the manufacturers packaging, inside my house (not basement or garage) since it was made. It is totally clean, non-yellowed, dust & dirt free, and looks, smells, and feels like new. You will not be disappointed. Pictures available for those with serious interest.


Check your trim shop and the internet, and you’ll see that a new high quality, off-the-shelf, top and window for this application runs $500 and up. Even a cheap one runs $300-400. And that’s without all the authentic features this top offers. I was keeping this as a spare for my personal car, but am now selling off much of my inventory. Today, it is priced to sell at $350 plus shipping.

Email me (gcockerill "AT" wowway.com) with any questions. Provide your phone number and I’ll call you back.

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