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3 Gallons Black Nitrocellulose Lacquer FREE

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I have 3 gallons of Hood Brand black semi-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer left of a 5 gallon pail. It's in good shape. It is designed to be thinned approx. 50/50 with thinner for spray use, so you'll get almost 6 gallons after that. This finish sells for over $100 a gallon from Hibernia. Your price: free (if you can pick it up). I can deliver it to Hershey for $15. Let me know if anyone is interested.


West Chester, PA

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Guest 36chev


I'm interested too! If it doesn't work out with Oldwhizzer, let me know. Will be going to Hershey--my brother and father have a vendor's spot in the Red field near the stadium and could meet you there. Thanks!

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