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dynaflow extension housing lengths


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Looking at several pics of Dynaflows from early to late 50's Buicks and have a question:

Do Dynaflows have various lengths of extension housings as pics seem to point out?:rolleyes:

I asked a member about it last year and he told me (as far as 57's) that the Dynaflow was the same length for short and long wheelbase cars and that the torque tube and driveshaft were different lengths.:confused:

But does that apply for earlier years? Seems not to with pics I have looked at.:eek:

Appreciate any input on this subject.:D

Going to look at my Hollander's for part no.s :o

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Dynaflow on all 1956 are the same length,but 1955 and earlier smal serie V8 has about 3 inch shorter Dynaflow than bigger ser.

Leif in Sweden.

Thanks Leif! Wasn't sure, guess they started in 56 with different length torque tube/driveshaft assemblies.:cool:

Do you know the actual lengths (bell housing engine face to torque ball retainer face) of the 55 and back Dynaflows, both short and long series cars? Also what about 53 and back Dynaflows, the pics behind straight eight look like the housing is very short.:confused:

Your help is greatly appreciated.:D


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Old discussion that never did get resolved and is now missing some images. Too many differences in measuring technique. My personal conclusion is that the length of the 1954 and 1955 50-70 series are the same as all of 1956 and that length is one inch (1") longer than the 1954 and 1955 40-60 series. Take your pick of actual dimensions submitted.


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I measured my Dynaflow from 1954-1955 40-60 ser as you can see on the picture the total length from bellhouse to the end is 26.5 inch.

When looking in my Buick parts book nothing can be changed from ser.40-60 to 50-70 on rear axle in 1954-1955. I´m sorry but I cant measure my 1956-70 ser. Dynaflow at the moment.

Leif in Sweden


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