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Summer Rummage Box


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I have just uploaded the new Summer 2009 Rummage Box. It is also available in pdf format. You have to go the Rummage Box main page located under Publications to access the pdf version.

This edition was under the stewardship of the new editor Wayne Burgess. For those of you who don't know Wayne, he is from the Northern Neck Region. Wayne assumed the responsibility of editor on June 15, 2009.

Wayne is a repeat Master Editor Winner and received the AACA’s coveted Ann S. Eady Memorial Award in 2004. Wayne is involved in all aspects of the AACA hobby including being an administrator for this AACA Discussion forum.

Wayne will undoubtedly bring a new enthusiasm, expertise, and perspective to the job as editor. Please welcome him in his new position. I am sure he is open to any suggestions or ideas that you might have about Rummage Box.


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Thanks Brenda, and of course Judy too. Judy is everyone's go-to girl!;)

I want all regional newsletter editors to realize that we are looking for those extra special articles that have been printed in your newsletters. We intend to have a "region/author spotlight" each quarter to showcase the special talent that exists within the AACA Organization. We will use the best submission out of the group each quarter to promote this.

Please e-mail them to me at waynesway32@yahoo.com Also, please title the submission as "Rummage Box Article", so I won't delete it by mistake. Wayne does make mistakes, from time to time.

VERY IMPORTANT! I need the author's "permission to reprint" attached to the e-mail.

Looking forward to seeing what you send me.



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