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'64/'65 Buick AFB 3645S dual Quad Front Carb


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I have a 3645S J3 AFB carburetor which is correct for 1964-65 Buick dual quad setups. This carburetor is complete, nothing is broken or missing, and everything moves freely. As those of you familiar with these carburetors know this is the carb with fixed air idle and is essentially a dumper carb so would not be suitable as the rear or primary carburetor or for a single four barrel application.

I will post a picture or two.

$175 + shipping from Sour Lake, Texas and I will restore/rebuild and flowtest the carburetor for $325 additional. I will also post a picture of a restored carburetor.



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This is a Pontiac application AFB that I restored. The carburetor was completely disassembled and cleaned, all steel components including the springs were replated in clear or gold cadmium, the springs were baked to prevent hydrogen embrittlement, the carburetor was then reassembled with a kit from Daytona Parts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and then it was flow tested on a 389 Pontiac engine on a test stand. Sorry but I don't own any Buicks or Buick engines although I really like the '61 bubbletop Buicks; especially the ones with hardback buckets.


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