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Where to get cheap gas tank?

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I have a 1936 Dodge Coupe. The gas tank is not repairable. I have three options:


I am very good with metal. I could easily make some templates off the old gas tank. However what I would need is the float and the stud for the fuel gauge wire to go onto. Where would I get those parts or how would I restore the old ones?


I could buy a gas tank. Where would I buy one for a good price?


I could get a used gas tank. What other cars have a gas tank that could interchange with my car?



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I had a problem with my 36 4door a few years ago. The sealer I had put in about 22 years ago was eatten up by the new gas. I put in a polyethylene tank from Tanks Inc.

Tanksinc.com Ph# 320-558-6882 . They have a section for Mopar with 36 Dodge.

Hope this helps

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