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How to redo exhaust?


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Building your own exhaust system is a labor of love. Your first attempt may be a disaster.

Few can do it as well as buying the correct pipes from a parts store.

A few tips though;

To hold the pieces together when welding with a torch, use 1 layer of 2" masking around the joint. Tack weld right through the tape in 3 places, then remove the tape and complete the weld.

It will come out better if you use several pieces, rather than trying to get all the bends in one pipe at one time.

I would use 16 Ga. pipe. It welds easier and will last longer.

A larger pipe will make a more mellow sound. A smell one will make it bark more.

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We have most of our exhaust work done by a local shop in the Chicago area.

Robin Hood Exhaust has been around as long as dirt, same guys in the shop including a few second generation exhaust men. They bend and fabricate from scratch on our old stuff. When they installed new duals on my 69 442 the one guy in the shop eyed the trumpet tips like he remembered doing them "in the day". They also fabricated my exhaust on my 58 Willys fire engine. That includes the chrome tip I had to have and I'm sure I loose a point to every time it's judged. Looks too cool though!! That would be my best advice is to find a shop with long time experienced help for your vintage stuff. Don't take a short cut on brakes or exhaust and live to enjoy your car!

Robin Hood Exhaust

Ogden Ave.

Cicero, IL.


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Well I live in Washington. I am not willing to spend anymore than a $120. I have a pipe bender and I know how to do use it. I have 2 arc welders, oxy-acetalyne, a plasma cutter, and angle grinders, among other things. I am very capable of doing my own exhaust. I was just wondering if anyone had done their own exhaust and had run into any particular problems that might be helpful to know about. The exhaust on my car is not complicated at all; In fact there is only one bend on each side. I'm not looking to have someone else do it. I am not going to spend any more than $120.


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