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47 packard paing


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First and most important, you should EDUCATE yourself on paint technology and its history.

You should use what meets YOUR personal needs. BE HONEST with yourself, as to why you own that car.

"Clear coats" are modern technology, unknown when your car was new. It makes for a vastly superior covering of your car's sheet metal in several respects. It is MUCH "shinier". It is MUCH more durable, both from abrasion resistance, "cracking", and from weather issues.

Your car will attract FAR MORE ATTENTION if you use a modern paint system, with its MUCH shinier "high gloss" than is possible with what your car had when new. Why bother with historical accuracy if you want to be NOTICED ?

The correct original finish of your car was nitrocellulose laqueer. It is still available. But an authentic paint job will look unexcitintg - boring alongside a car done with modern paints.

People who are involved in the old car movement because they are interested in the history and technology of that car's era, will be able to spot the "modern" style paint job from a great distance.

Do not forget it is YOUR car, and should be fixed up to meet YOUR needs, both from a emotional AND practical standpoint.

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