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First year of Wittek T-top clamps

Joseph P. Indusi

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Does anybody know what year Buick began the use of Wittek T-top clamps for radiator and heater hoses?

Pete said in the latest Bugle that T-top clamps were first used in 1949 Buicks. What did they use prior to this, the double wire type with a screw next to the hose (as opposed to the T-top where the screw is a right angles to the hose)?:confused:


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One of the attached pictures is of 1941 Buick being assembled. The radiator hose clamps appear to be the Buick lock roll hose clamps. The heater hoses have a clamp like the ones in the other attached picture. The clamps may be difficult to see in the AACA forum image because of the file size limitation.




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Does anyone know if the Buick lock roll clamps for the radiator hoses are still available anywhere? I tried some similar to those in the lower photo, but they were light weight material and did not tighten enough to keep the radiator hoses from leaking. Lost points on my '39 again at Ames but would like to get the correct clamps if they are being reproduced? Thanks for your replies.

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