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Golden Age of Ford models


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A flyer for a set of 24 "Golden Age of Ford" 1:32 scale diecast models came with my Shell card statement today. Shows they're licensed by Ford and covers 1903-1940 but doesn't state which cars are included. Offering is by UMG Marketing Group in Schaumburg IL and can be billed to the Shell card, delivered two models every 6-8 weeks, $15 each incl S&H.

Do any of you have any experience with or knowledge of this company? I bought a set of four 1:32 vintage fire truck models thru Shell about a year ago but can't remember if it was the same company offering them. I'm interested in this set, don't expect them to be Danbury or Franklin Mint quality, but the fire trucks were actually pretty detailed, and I can get 24 of these for what two DM or even Brooklin would cost.

Like I need something else to dust... my neighbor's little girl used to justify what she wanted by saying "I want it, I need it, I got to have it!"

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